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About Us

Pro Travel is an entrepreneur-run travel agency and has been a sole proprietorship in Mödling for more than fifteen years as part of the global organization of Uniglobe® Travel. The circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic force us to adapt the focus of our services to the new given facts, so we are increasingly turning to our passion for leisure tourism. Regarding the vacation sector, we have been primarily concerned with individual travel planning for our customers over many years. The personal love for the road trip goes back to the time before entering the travel agency industry and has always played a special role in the proposals drawn up for our customers.
Photo: © Bwag/CC-BY-SA-4.0

About Me

May I introduce myself - I am Volker, the owner of this company. Personally I am a passionate driver and I love the freedom to travel by car to discover familiar as well as unknown areas. It would be a pleasure for me to whet your appetite for this special kind of vacation and I would be more than happy if you require my support in planning your next road trips.  Of course, I am also happy to help those who do not want to develop an affinity for self-driving planning their trip whether it should be a cruise, spectacular beach vacations or a city trip, or even choosing the appropriate airfare.
Foto: © Dr. Volker Uhlik